Hi, we're First Generation Investors. We want to democratize investing. Across four college campuses and thanks to countless volunteers, we're investing in youth today so that they can invest in tomorrow.

Meet our team

Executive Board

Dylan Ingerman, Co-Founder & President

Cole Mattox, Co-Founder & Vice President

Alex Ingerman, Co-Founder

Blake Kernen, Communications Director

Diego Bennett, Head of Technology

Lara Primorac, Head of Compliance

Rhea Saggi, Marketing Director

Fundraising Team

Joe Kakkis, Treasurer

Thomas Leichner

John Ainslie

Nick Fleisher

Alex Knorr

Corporate Sponsorship Team

Donn Boddie, Head of Corporate Sponsorship

Ali Osman, Corporate Sponsorship Representative

Tanya Syngle, Corporate Sponsorship Representative

Penn Chapter

Josh Baek, Chapter President

Gregoria Serretta Fiorentino, Head of Operations

Aaron Brandeis, Head Tutor

Gabrielle Coben, Tutor

Evan Carp, Tutor

Matthew Keller, Tutor

Emma Lien, Tutor

Douglas Hayes, Tutor

Catherine Kolski, Tutor

James Waxley, Tutor

Chase Harrington, Media Coordinator

Alex Freed, Student Outreach

Sarah Heard, Student Outreach

Our Advisory Board

Our Corporate Sponsors

First Generation Investors would like to proudly thank our corporate sponsors for their generous contributions towards our mission.

Our Partners